SUV Rollover Accident

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SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) Rollover's occur when the stability of a SUV is encumbered causing the vehicle to lose its center of gravity and roll over. Thousands of Americans experience the unfortunate event of a SUV rollover due to standard safety precautions not being implemented. SUV's have the title of bing the most dangerously unstable vehicles on our city streets.

Several factors are involved in SUV Rollovers, including:

  • Speed - the higher rate of speed an SUV is traveling, the higher the possibility of a rollover
  • Location - nearly 75% of fatal rollovers occur in rural areas where there are no protective barriers on roads.
  • Weather - in rainy weather slick streets may cause the operator of an SUV to lose control of vehicle
  • Tires - some kinds of tires respond poorly to different or altering terrains
  • Alcohol or Drugs - an operator under the influence of alcohol or drugs

In 2002, according to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately 58,000 people were injured due to SUV rollover accidents. Nearly 2,500 people were killed because of SUV rollover accidents. Even with the high gas prices and high death rates, SUVs are still growing in popularity.


Rollovers account for 51% of all deaths in standard sport utility vehicles, 36% of deaths in pickup trucks, and 19% of deaths in standard cars. In 2002, the number of people fatally injured due to rollover accidents involving SUVs climbed 14 percent.

The severity of injuries due to a rollover accident is often directly related to the number of times the vehicle rolls and the correct use of safety restraints. Without proper restraints, the pasengers of a vehicle during a rollover accident are very likely to be ejected.


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