Commercial Vehicle Accidents

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Commercial vehicles can pose significant dangers on the highways and other major roadways. Commercial vehicle drivers should be professionally skilled and adhere to strict safety regulations. Although, when drivers are dispatched with a tight schedule, they may act in haste. This can cause many problems for other drivers that are on the roadways. Caution should be used when in the presence of commercial vehicles including 18-wheelers and other heavy freight carrying trucks.

Driver fatigue is the most common form of driver impairment due to hectic scheduling and demanding workload. In response to this fact, some commercial truck drivers use drugs, including methamphetamines and Ephedra based pills, to help them stay awake through their tiresome and strenuous schedules.

Some other causes for concern may be:

Motorists should be aware of the commercial vehicles around them and should exercise caution when sharing roadways. Many accidents are caused by a private vehicle driver neglecting to use caution and safety, especially in work zones. Other accidents are caused by hesitating to brake, accelerating at unsafe distances, and making judgments with poor visibility.


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