Damages in Car Accidents

After a car accident, you will notice the obvious damages. Your door, hood or bumper may be dented. If you were in a bad accident, your entire car may look like a piece of crushed metal.  But the effect of the wreck on your car is not the only type of damage you need to address. According to the Fatality Analysis Reporting System, 2.5 million people were injured in the United States in wrecks in 2007. Here are the other kinds of damages you are eligible to collect if you are in a wreck.

Types of Damages from Car Wrecks

Medical Expenses

Even if the accident was just a fender bender, you could be injured. Whiplash is a common injury because the body is jolted on impact. If you are in a grinding crash, you may suffer more serious injuries such as broken bones or nerve damage. Recovery from a car accident could take several months depending on the injuries. You may need several visits to the doctor, surgeries and in severe cases you may be disabled for life. How will you live if you cannot recover your expenses from your injuries?

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Property Damage

Many people incorrectly believe that this only covers the damage to your vehicle. However this can include anything in the vehicle that was damaged in the accident. The clothes and jewelry you were wearing are covered, also.

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Compensatory & Punitive Damages

Lost Wages

Most serious accidents require you to take time off work. You could recover your wages in a lawsuit or settlement. You may also be able to collect future wages if the accident is proven to have affected your ability to make money in the future.

Pain and Suffering

This covers everything from the actual physical pain suffered as the result of the accident to the emotional shock and trauma you experienced. Auto accidents are major stressors and many juries will award big settlements to plaintiffs who experienced life changing events as result of these accidents.

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How to Collect from Damages after a Car Accident

Relying on what seems to be the goodwill of the insurance companies can hurt you. What if you find out months later that your injuries were more serious than you thought? You can’t go back and recoup your medical expenses from the insurance company after you have settled.

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An attorney will advise you on how to recover all of you expenses if you are injured in an accident—even if it was your fault. Often drivers have to battle their own insurance companies to recover losses. You have already suffered as the result of the accident. A good attorney will make sure your suffering does not continue for years to come.