What happens with insurance claims for auto accidents if I get in a wreck in another state while on a road trip vacation?

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I am planning a road trip across the United States.  Do I have to comply with the auto insurance laws in my home state exclusively, or do the laws of all the states I go through apply?



Unlike what many people may believe, driving an automobile cross country brings with it a responsibility to obey the car insurance laws for the state in which you are driving. It is your responsibility to know about the auto insurance laws for any state in which you may be planning to drive. When it comes to automobile insurance law, no two states are the same. While almost all 50 states have mandatory minimum insurance requirements, the requisite coverage levels vary tremendously. In a few states, no mandatory minimums exist; instead, the law requires drivers to prove financial responsibility.

The repercussions for failing to comply with car insurance laws also differ significantly state by state. Noncompliance may result in hefty fines in one state and license revocation in another. I would suggest researching the insurance laws of the states you are planning to travel through, and if you have questions, contact an attorney experienced in automobile insurance law.