Memphis Auto Accident Lawyer

Memphis, Tennessee is the largest city in the state and 18th largest city throughout the whole United States. Memphis, Tennessee is part of Shelby County. The traffic in the city can be overwhelming, and the two main freeways motorists contend with are Interstate 40 and Interstate 55. In the state of Tennessee 1,193 motorists are killed on average because of automobile collisions. 65% of these deaths occur because of roadway departures, while 16% occur because of intersections. There are also accidents involving large trucks and even accidents that affect passersby and bicyclists. Memphis reported 1,210 fatalities in 2007, according to the Fatalities Analysis Reporting System. While it is good news that there was a 6% decrease in total numbers, the statistics are still very telling.

What Leads to Car Accidents in Memphis Tennessee?

Auto accident statutes in Memphis, Tennessee are created in order to protect drivers. Understand that many of these laws are based on precedent. In the past years, it has been observed that drivers who drive under the influence of alcohol tend to cause more traffic accidents than sober motorists. This is why some police officers will arrest drivers simply on the suspicion of DUI or DWI. Once you are defending yourself in a court of law, you have burden of proof; in other words you must prove that you were not intoxicated or driving recklessly. This should emphasize the need for an experienced lawyer.

A Lawyer Can Help With Auto Accident Statutes in Memphis Tennessee

A lawyer can help you establish a case in court, whether you are seeking a personal injury claim or stand accused of a crime. Furthermore, if someone believes you were driving negligently you may have to defend yourself against a personal injury lawsuit. Regardless of your reason for being in court, it is important that you consult with a qualified lawyer. Not only can this professional offer you legal advice, he or she can also offer you representation.

A Lawyer’s Role in Trying Car Accidents in Memphis Tennessee

A lawyer not only represents you in court but also plans the strategy and direction of your case. While a lawyer can be provided to you at no cost in cases of criminal trials (and a select few will work “pro bono”) for the most part, the most qualified and experienced lawyers require a fee. Learn more about Memphis, Tennessee and count your resources by visiting