Nashville Auto Accident Lawyers

Nashville, Tennessee is the capital of the state and is the county seat of Davidson County. It is the second most populated city in the state after Memphis with a population of 619,626. The traffic in Nashville can be heavy, and it’s unavoidable that there is bound to be accidents. In the state of Tennessee there were 1,193 motorists that died in 2007 because of automobile crashes. In the Nashville-Davidson metro area, 74 individuals lost their life, which is actually a positive increase, since it’s a 24% decrease over 2006. Still, the loss of life is very real. These statistics compiled by the Fatalities Analysis Reporting System don’t even take into account cases of random collisions and personal injuries that were treatable.

The Importance of Auto Accident Statutes in Nashville, Tennessee

Many of these accidents could have been prevented if only motorists paid better attention to traffic laws. This is why police authorities recommend that drivers drive the suggested speed limit, avoid driving after drinking and mind all the other standards of Nashville driving. There are also special Nashville laws pertaining to illegal u-turns, mechanical violations and child restraints that must be heeded. One of the biggest problems currently in Nashville is the hit and run crime, which sees a motorist fleeing the scene of a collision probably because he/she doesn’t have insurance or has violated some other traffic law.

Getting Help for Car Accidents in Nashville, Tennessee

Whenever car accidents in Nashville Tennessee happen, there is often times legal counsel involved. Granted, legal counsel is not always needed. Minor collisions are usually settled out of court and by insurance companies. However, what about cases with special circumstances? What if the individual was driving recklessly or under the influence of alcohol? What if the other motorist is under-insured to pay for damages? What if one party wants the other motorist to pay for medical bills and car damages? In these types of cases, it is always recommended that you talk to an attorney.

The Qualifications for an Attorney

A lawyer who works with you on auto accident statutes in Nashville, Tennessee should be able to help you regardless of your role in the accident, whether you were accused of doing something illegal, caused the wreck or were the victim who was injured. While you may exercise your right to free counsel, in most cases the experienced and qualified lawyers charge a retainer’s fee or at least require payment when you collect on damages. For more information contact local resources at