Medical Exams for Auto Accidents

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Your first concern after a car accident should be to get emergency medical care, should you need it.  If you are experiencing acute symptoms such as bleeding or severe pain then you should call 911 and request an ambulance dispatch.

While immediate medical care is crucial for acute injuries, not all serious car accident injuries are evident in the moments immediately following an accident.  However, it is equally as important to seek medical care for these injuries.

Options for Auto Accident Medical Exams

There are generally three types of medical exams for accidents.  

  1. Emergency care: as discussed above,
  2. Exams completed by your own auto accident doctor: if you experience neck and back pain, or other pain, in the days following your accident then you should schedule an exam with a reputable doctor.  Neck and back pain can be symptoms of soft tissue injuries.  Soft tissue injuries can be painful and can greatly impact your quality of life.  It is, therefore, important to seek the advice of a qualified medical doctor who can help you heal from your injuries and who is competent to be an expert witness should your car accident case go to trial.and
  3. Independent Medical Exams for Accidents: even if you were examined and treated by a reputable doctor, the defendant in your accident case may require you to submit to an independent medical exam.  You will need to cooperate with this exam, although you will not be required to pay for it.  You may be able to choose a doctor from a list provided by the defendant or the defendant may choose the doctor for you.  If you have a legitimate reason why you do not want to be seen by a specific doctor then your auto accident lawyer may request the judge to require the defendant to pick a different doctor.

Can an Auto Accident Lawyer Help?

The defendant in an auto accident case is likely to poke holes in your doctor’s medical assessment and require you to submit to extensive medical exams in the hopes that the burden created by the exams will encourage you to settle your case.  Your auto accident lawyer will help protect your rights and present medical evidence in the best possible light to help with your recovery.