Emergency Care Expenses and Liability

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No one wants to be in an accident at any time; however, what is worse is being injured, especially if it is serious to call an ambulance and be taken to an emergency room.  Aside from the pain and inconvenience of having to transport to a hospital to receive care, such victims have to worry about the expense.  It generally costs between $500 and $1,000 for one ambulance ride, even if the hospital is just a few miles away.  Who pays the expenses for that trip?  Once the patient arrives at the hospital, who pays for the emergency room care?  These are concerns that every person has to consider.

Liability of Person at Fault for Emergency Care Expenses

  • The key factor in determining who pays emergency care bills is who is at fault.
  • The injured party and/or their insurance company may be billed until liability for the injury is determined
  • If it is clear from the start that someone else is liable for the accident and injury, emergency care liability along with all other liability for damages and injuries rests with them
  • If it is clear from the start that the injured party is liable for their own injury, they will have emergency care liability

Insurance Liability of Emergency Care Bills

In most cases, the responsible party will have their insurance company pay for the costs relating to injuries and damages or others, including emergency care bills.  When the insured is determined to be liable for passenger injuries, their insurance company pays all medical expenses and damages, excluding any deductible amount.

If the insured is liable for their own injuries, their insurance company pays for their medical and emergency costs.  However, there may be limits on the costs an insurance company will be required to pay, such as when there is a deductable amount.  Even then, their insurance carrier will pay all expenses above and beyond the deductible on the policy.

Filing an Insurance Claim

The key to obtaining insurance coverage for emergency care is reporting any accident quickly and in detail to the insurance company.  If both parties do so, and continue to keep their insurance companies updated, the liable insurance company should eventually make all the required payments.

Can An Attorney Help?

In some cases fault is not clear or the liable insurance company balks at some or all of the payments.  In other cases, the injuries are severe and costly and require long-term coverage.  In those cases, the injured party may require a lawyer to help negotiate the appropriate settlement or file suit to obtain the appropriate compensation.  In other cases, a victim may appear to be seeking more compensation than they deserve.  Auto accident lawyers are familiar with these kinds of circumstances and can help ensure that the victim gets the appropriate compensation for their medical and emergency care expenses.