Automatic Action: Hire a Los Angeles Auto Accident Attorney

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Most recently, in Northridge, Los Angeles, a man was trapped and rescued following a car collision. The man was immediately taken to a hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

Car accident injury remain as one of the leading causes of unintentional deaths. A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 2007 report estimates that there were 6,024,000 police-reported motor vehicle traffic crashes, leaving 2,491,000 people injured and 41,059 dead.

California is particularly famous for freeway traffic and freeway collisions. Given the capricious nature of car crashes, one should always be prepared to deal with accidents like that. And certainly, after availing of proper medical attention, hiring the services of a Los Angeles auto accident attorney should be an automatic action.

Also, once the accident has been reported to the insurance company and the Department of Motor Vehicles in case of injury, vehicle damage and death, legal counsel would be beneficial in order to better facilitate cases of claims for monetary compensation and insurance.

The presence of fault and negligence, whether on the part of the other driver or the manufacturer of your car also entitles the injured party to compensation for compensation personal injuries, car damage and other expenses, such as lost wages or the cost of a nurse needed after the accident. Claims for pain and suffering may also be filed with one’s insurance company. A claim can go up to $7,500 in small claims court while businesses and other entities generally cannot sue for more than $5,000.

Other types of car accident claims include:

  • Defective Vehicle
  • Loss of Income
  • Medical Expenses
  • Uninsured Driver

Therefore, getting the services of a qualified and experienced Los Angeles car accident injury attorney is in instrumental in making a successful claim for damages. However, since there are time limits for filing various types of claims, it is best not to delay in procuring the services of a lawyer.

Also, bear in mind that your act of instituting legal action for liability and damages will not just be your personal pursuit for justice and compensation. The legal system exists to protect people. Traffic offenses and abuse will continue to profligate if left unchecked.

By exerting your right to safety and protection on the road, you are also fighting for the rights of thousands of drivers, passengers and commuters to safe roads. It will open the eyes of those involved in the accident, to be more careful and conscious of the weight of their actions on other people.