Motorcycle Parts Defects

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Motorcycles, because of its fuel-efficiency and reduced costs are a very popular form of motor vehicle transportation. Back in 2006, Motorcycles made up nearly 3 percent of all registered vehicles in the United States and there are 3 motorcycles per 100 people in the US. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are 6,686,147 on the road as of 2006.

Motorcycle Parts Defects

According to the NHTSA, motorcyclists were about 35 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die in a motor vehicle traffic crash and 8 times more likely to be injured. While motorcycles can be potentially dangerous, motorcycle parts defects are undoubtedly lethal and pose a serious threat to a rider’s life and limbs. Out of the million motorcycles currently on the road, perhaps a thousand have various defects brought about by faulty design or even the natural wear and tear because of frequent use.

A study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reveals that the engine sizes of motorcycles whose drivers were killed in crashes are indeed a factor. According to the IIHS, 26 percent of drivers killed in 2008 drove motorcycles with engine size larger than 1,400 cc. Motorcycles with high performance capabilities can become unstable so design is still a factor for a bike’s crash worthiness. But other defective motorcycle parts can greatly affect the risk of riders and passengers.

Common Defective Motorcycle Parts

  • Fuel system problems
  • Accelerators that stick
  • Cracked or broken wheels
  • Seat defects
  • Substandard helmets
  • Brake failure

Given the fact that motorcycles afford less protection to its rider and occupants, the failure of any of these parts or the poorly designed engine can be fatal. Owners of motorcycles should be vigilant about the maintenance of their vehicles, one seemingly insignificant malfunction could cost him his life.

Defective Helmets

Substandard and defective helmets also play a huge factor in the safety of the motorcycle ride and his passenger. Serious auto accident head injury is common among fatally injured motorcyclists and the use of helmets can decrease motorcycle deaths by 37 percent and prevent brain injuries by as much as 67 percent. The survival or demise of motorcycle occupants largely depend on the quality and dependability of the motorcycle, its parts and even the use of helmets.

Product Liability Damage Claim

However, if motorcycle parts defects are the cause of an accident and if it resulted to injury or death, victims and the family of the fatality has a cause for action. A strict liability case may be filed against the manufacturer of the motorcycle or the maker of faulty and/or defective part. It would be best to hire a lawyer specializing in motorcycle accidents because there is too much damage at stake when pursuing a case of motorcycle parts defects.