Rental Truck Accidents: Causes and Dangers

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Everybody knows that cargo vehicles are a bit more dangerous to other cars on the road than is the standard passenger vehicle. After all, cargo vehicles are bigger, more powerful and weigh a lot more, particularly when they're carrying a load. Imagine one of these vehicles being driven by someone without any clue about what they're doing and you have one of the most common situations that exist on the roads today. It all starts with a rental.

Do It Yourself

Plenty of companies out there let anyone rent a large cargo van or truck. These vehicles are sometimes longer than 16 feet, have dual tires on the back and, when someone is making a particularly long move, they may be towing a car behind the vehicle of top of it all. Some of these drivers do very well, but not all of them and you have to be careful around them.

Trailer Sway

Trailers can't always go the full speed limit and some drivers don't figure this out for many miles. One of the things you'll sometimes see is a driver who speeds up until the trailer starts to sway back and forth and then slows down to make it stop. Stay well clear of these drivers. They're either not familiar with how trailers work or they're determined to go faster than they should with a trailer in tow.

Lane Crossing

Sometimes, you'll see the larger rental trucks being driven by people who seem determined to take up two lanes with the truck. This is usually because they're unaware of the width of the vehicle or they're not accustomed to seeing the road from a high perch. Give them room and, if possible, get by them or let them get by you so that you're not in danger of being side-swiped by them.

Not Tied Down

Some drivers attempt to fasten a load to their vehicle but don’t strap it down tightly. Be aware of loads that are getting ready to break loose; they can shatter your windshield and cause an accident.

A car accident attorney can help you determine whether you should file a lawsuit if you're hurt by one of these negligent drivers. A car accident lawyer may be able to hope you win compensation by a jury award or by a settlement. There's no guarantee that you'll win, but an attorney can tell you if it's worth filing a lawsuit.