Auto Accident Claims

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Though most statistics relating to auto accidents have been on a steady decline in recent years, the numbers are still daunting. In 2008 there were about 2.35 million people injured in auto accidents. This is about half the number of total crashes in 2008. Therefore, it is fairly probable that those involved in an accident will be injured. Insurance claims can be made on nearly every aspect of an auto accident. The laws relating to these claims are very complex and vary from state to state. Specialized auto insurance attorneys should be hired to guide those involved through the process.

Filing a Claim

After the occurrence of an auto accident, those involved will want to file a car insurance claim to compensate for the damage done to their vehicle. Filing a claim involves sending all possible information of the accident to one’s insurance company. The result of this depends on the coverage one pays for, and method the insurance company uses to compensate those it insures. In most cases, individuals will need to have the damage assessed first by a licensed auto repair sender. After the insurance company receives this assessment, they will reply with the compensation available based on one’s coverage.

Determining Negligence

However, in cases of accidents where varying degrees of negligence are involved, the process is complicated greatly. Negligence is the legal term for one’s actions being responsible or not. If one is proven to show negligence in an accident, insurance may not cover any part of the expenses whatsoever. There are some states where ‘no fault’ insurance is used. This can be misleading. Negligence is unused in these states only to a point, usually to avoid minor accident claims. It is not ignored in all cases. The limit of it is set by each individual state.

Recovery Claims

In cases, where injuries are involved, scrupulous attention needs to be paid to documenting the accident, and all health concerns afterwards including visits to medical help in pursuing a car accident injury claim. Without concrete evidence of injuries and their cause, a car accident recovery claim will be completely dismissed by insurance companies and in court. Estimates of future medical costs of an injury should also be obtained to present to insurance companies and attorneys. Precise information like time missed from work by the individual injured or time spent by a spouse away from work to care for them.

Reaching a Settlement

Generally, these cases are settled out of court between the party involved and the insurance company. The time allowed to settle a car accident claim is not the same in all states, but it is never less than one year. Settlements should be made with extreme caution, especially when prolonged injuries are involved. The medical costs of such injuries can increase as time goes on, and could be missed by medical estimates. However, with the help of a specialized attorney, an effective and adequate settlement can usually be reached with more patients than trouble from the injured individual.