Fault in Freeway Auto Accidents

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Serious auto accidents can happen anywhere but when a vehicular accident happens on a freeway there is a greater likelihood of serious injury.  Highway accidents are particularly dangerous and can result in serious injury or wrongful death because of the speed at which vehicles travel on freeways.

Faults in Freeway Accidents

Highway accidents, like accidents on local roads, occur for many different reasons.  Some of the most common highway accidents include:

  • Road Obstructions: road obstructions may include debris in the road, construction activity, an animal on the road, etc.;
  • Big Rig Accident: liability for big rig accidents occurs when a truck is at fault for causing an accident;
  • Drunk driving: driving with a blood alcohol content above the legal limit can cause serious accidents;
  • Distracted drivers: drivers who are districted by their cell phones, who fall asleep or whose attention is otherwise diverted from driving can cause accidents;
  • Weather conditions: such as rain, fog, ice and snow can cause accidents;
  • Slow or Broken Down Vehicles: vehicles that are broken down or traveling well under the speed limit can cause serious accidents because other drivers may be unable to stop their cars in time to avoid a collision; and
  • Unsafe Lane Changes
  • Unsafe Merging and Blind Spots
  • Drivers Talking on their Cell Phones
  • Speeding: likewise, speeding vehicles may not be able to stop in time to avoid other vehicles and can cause serious injuries and deaths.

Determining Liability in Freeway Accidents and Disputes

In order to recover for personal injuries or wrongful death in a freeway wreck, you must establish the defendant’s liability for the accident and resulting injuries.  This can be particularly complex when there are multiple cars involved in an accident or in a big rig accident.  Liability in these cases may include multiple defendants.  More than one car driver may be responsible for a multicar cash and the truck driver, the driver’s employer, or the trucking company could be legally responsible for a big rig accident, for example.

Help from an Auto Accident Lawyer

The combination of serious injuries, or wrongful deaths, and complex liability make it important to hire an experienced freeway accident lawyer to represent you if you are in a freeway accident. Your lawyer will fight for you to recover the maximum amount of damages allowable under the law and will protect all of your legal rights.